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Most of what I do is create content for the Be, Inc. web site. The material I write tends to concentrate on the software user's experience, particularly with troubleshooting and answering typical questions. You can find some of the things I've written for Be in my writings section.

I also write a lot of CGI scripts for managing some of the restricted sections of our web site. These scripts check against a back-end database to verify access, display and save information, and perform actions such as sending e-mail messages. I also write code that helps me manage the sections of our web site that I'm responsible for maintaining.

I manage our electronic mailing list server, and handle the e-mail which is sent to the address, redirecting some of it elsewhere in the company, but mostly answering questions or solving people's problems myself.

I'm the copy editor for our weekly Newsletter (the Editor's native language is French), and I've written several articles for the Newsletter. I have written and edited portions of the BeOS User's Guide. I have edited most or all of the press releases sent by Be since I joined, and written or edited much of the user documents which are provided with our product (on the CD).

I have worked on our trade shows and developer conferences, including planning, setup, tear down, handing out literature and answering questions, and giving demonstrations of our product. I've evangelized our product to software developers, press, and other industry personalities, and I've responded to Usenet news group and mailing list postings from developers and users.

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