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One of the main things I do at Be is write technical or marketing materials. I also do a lot of editing of other people's materials. Below are links to some of the things I've written for Be. You can also view a listing of the things I wrote for UC Berkeley.

Be Web Site -- Support section
Virtually every single document inside the Be web site's Support section was written by me. In particular, I've written over 275 of the FAQs (frequently asked questions, and their answers), the PPP troubleshooting guide, update instructions, our support contact information, and the various documents that organize and guide users to the right resources.

Be Web Site -- Users section
Another section of the Be web site that is my responsibility, besides the organizing documents, the main publicly accessible documents are the weekly BeOS Tips that I write.

BeOS User's Guide
I wrote the first chapter of the BeOS User's Guide, Installing the BeOS. I also wrote the Installing the BeOS documents included on the BeOS CD.

BeOS Release Notes
I wrote the release notes for the BeOS Preview Release, and much of the notes for the BeOS Preview Release 2.

Other BeOS CD Documents
I wrote the README files for the Demonstration Applications and Third-Party Applications folders.

The Be Newsletter
Although I copyedit the Be Newsletter, I also write for it occasionally. Three articles so far: Mailing List Mumbo Jumbo, Please State the Nature of the Emergency, and A Few of My Favorite Things.

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