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In my old job, at the time since my job description was last revised, my job duties changed a great deal. We added two more people to do technical support, which freed me up from much of the day-to-day end user support (though I still did that, too). I primarily worked on a variety of projects or supported specific systems. Here's a quick and incomplete rundown on what I did, until I can write something about my present position.

End User Technical Support
I did most of the troubleshooting and technical support for the Office of Budget & Planning, located in University Hall. This included the day-to-day problems and questions of users, as well as hardware installation, upgrades, and repairs; software installation and upgrades; and network troubleshooting.

AppleTalk Network Administration
I was the administrator for the AppleTalk-based servers in University Hall. These included at one time AppleShare, QuickMail, Meeting Maker, Retrospect, and Apple Remote Access servers.

Internet Servers Administration
I was the administrator of the World Wide Web (HTTP), FTP, and SMTP/POP servers for the Office of the Chancellor. I was the primary person in charge of creating and managing the content of the WWW server, including cgi scripting (in AppleScript and Frontier).

Unix and Sybase Systems Administration
Though I am far from a Unix expert, I was the systems administrator for the Sun Sparcserver 10, running Solaris 2.3. The Sun's reason for existence was to be a Sybase database server, and I was the administrator for that as well.

Documentation and Other Writing
Everyone in CO-IS wrote a variety of technical and policy documents, to explain various systems and technical issues to the users. I wrote a fair amount myself, and have a descriptive list of those writings elsewhere.

Other Things
I was the CO-IS expert on ergonomics and RSI accommodation. I was the administrator of the MARS imaging system. I was the administrator and chief developer of a document tracking client/server database (Sybase back end, DataEdit front end) application used by most of the Chancellor's administrative staff. The list literally went on and on...

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