RichReader Freeware

A Word and HTML Document Reader for the Palm Computing® Platform

Michael Arena

New version 1.60, see Change Log

RichReader Freeware is the Freeware version of RichReader. This page is an overview of the fearures common to both applications and also the features missing from the Freeware version. Please see this page for a complete description of the features in the Shareware version of RichReader.

The following is a list of features which are COMMON to both versions:










RichReader Freeware



The following is a list of features which are MISSING from the Freeware version:

NOTE: Both version will have the same version numbers.
NOTE: Both version will be packaged in the same ZIP distribution file:
NOTE: You cannot install the Shareware and Freeware versions on the Palm at the same time.

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