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Last Updated:  Mar 22, 2016

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Each year since its revival in 1998, Montgomery County has held a Holiday Parade in downtown Silver Spring on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Each year the Taylor Made Square Dancers, joined by other square dancers, have marched and danced, until 2007. That year, we were not able to participate because the caller's husband Al was recuperating from surgery.

We resumed participating in 2008 with 14 dancers.

The 2015 Montgomery County Thanksiving Parade
Sat, Nov. 21, 2015

The 2011 Montgomery County Thanksgiving Parade
Saturday, November 19.

The 2010 Parade

The 2009 Parade

Picture 1 of dancers in the 2009 parade.
Circle Left before new Silver Spring Fire Dept.
Picture 2 of dancers in the 2009 parade.
Waving at spectators on Georgia Ave.
Picture 3 of dancers in the 2009 parade.
Right and Left Grand on Ellsworth Drive
Picture 4 of dancers in the 2009 parade.
Swing Your Partner on Ellsworth Drive

TAYLOR MADE SQUARES had 12 dancers in the November 21, 2009 Montgomery County Holiday Parade. The weather was perfect by the time the parade started – about 60 and sunny. We arrived at the grand-stand right at the 10:30 advertising break on News Channel 8. Because the parade was broadcast live, this meant that the TV audience has no idea we were there! However, the spectators on the street were yelling “Square Dancers! Square Dancers!” enthusiastically when they saw us coming, and we have heard from friends and neighbors that we did a great job. Two of the 12 dancers were from this fall’s Monday night beginners, so we kept the choreography simple, except for Grand Square from a “six pack” (2 head couples, 2 side lines of 4).