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The Les McCann Anthology

Jul. 20, 1993 on Rhino # R2-71279 (CD; 2 discs; slipcase box; 52-page booklet)

Compilation of:
Significant Les McCann tracks from 1960-72 [original LP's as indicated]

Track List:
Disc 1 - 73:58
  1. Vacushna (Les McCann) - 3:12
    [Plays The Truth]
  2. The Truth (Les McCann) - 5:52
    [Plays The Truth]
  3. Gone On And Get That Church (Les McCann) - 6:11
    [In San Francisco]
  4. The Shampoo (Les McCann) - 4:14
    [Plays The Shampoo]
  5. Something Special (Les McCann) - 9:12
    [Somethin' Special]
  6. Deep Purple (Mitchell Parish/Peter DeRose) - 9:10
  7. Damascus (Les McCann) - 4:13
    [Jazz Waltz]
  8. Could Be (Les McCann) - 6:11
    [McCann / Wilson]
  9. Baylor The Wailer (Les McCann) - 3:08
    [McCann / Wilson]
  10. A Little 3/4 For God & Co. (Les McCann) - 9:21
    [In New York]
  11. Chip Monck (Les McCann) - 7:39
    [In New York]
  12. Pia (Les McCann) - 5:30
    [That's Where It's At]
Disc 2 - 72:17
  1. God Bless The Child (Billie Holiday/Arthur Herzog Jr.) - 4:30
    [Stormy Monday]
  2. Willow Weep For Me (Ann Ronell) - 5:57
    [Stormy Monday]
  3. Lost And Lookin' (Lowell Jordan/James W. Alexander) - 3:10
    [Stormy Monday]
  4. Yours Is My Heart Alone (Franz Lehar/Ludwig Herzer/Fritz Loehner/Harry B. Smith) - 9:06
    [But Not Really]
  5. With These Hands (Abner Silver/Benny Davis) - 5:36
    [Much Les]
  6. It Never Stopped In My Home Town (Les McCann) - 2:15
  7. Compared To What (Gene McDaniels) - 8:38
    [Swiss Movement]
  8. Cold Duck Time (Eddie Harris) - 7:03
    [Swiss Movement]
  9. The Lovers (Les McCann) - 25:58
    [Invitation To Openness]
Total (2 discs) - 2:26:15

Joel Dorn (compilation producer, booklet text)
James Austin (executive producer)
David McLees (project coordination)
Ginger Spangler, Faye Rosen, Chris Clarke, Mark Pinkus (project assistance)
Patrick Milligan, Gary Peterson, Michael Mazzarella, William L. Schurk/Music Library & Sound Recordings Archives of Bowling Green State University (research)
Gene Paul/DB Plus (remastering)
Geoff Gans (art direction)
Ed DeCroce (front cover photo)
Atlantic Archives, Michael Ochs Archives, David Gahr (photos)
Les McCann (back cover painting, notes)
Alan Abrahams, Yves Beauvais, Michael Mazzarella, Bobby Warner (special thanks)

Les' Notes:

Extra special thanks to Rhino for correcting a 20-year mistake by changing Bailer to Baylor: It was originally supposed to be a dedication to one of my biggest inspirations, Elgin Baylor, the baddest motherphucker that ever picked up a ball!

-- Les

Everything about me is about LOVE. Through love, I've learned everything about myself and life. Thank you to all the people who have supported me in the past, as well as those who support me now. See you in 20 years for Part 2!

-- Les McCann, May 1993

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