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Les McCann and His Magic Band
Live In New Orleans
(A Presentation of Leisure Video)

1991 on Digital Disc Entertainment # DDE-029 (VCD): Les McCann and His Magic Band
Jul. 18, 1991 on Leisure Video # (ISBN) 0-929714-35-0 (VHS): Live In New Orleans
Dec. 17, 2002 on Image Entertainment # 0899 (DVD): Live In New Orleans

This is Les McCann's 1980's touring group in a night club/small concert setting. The production company has gotten a lot of mileage from this footage, which appears with identical content on three different media types. The VCD issue is significant as a rare example of a U.S. release in that digital format (Video Compact Disc Version 2.0 / CD-i). [I was playing this on my computer long before the advent and subsequent popularity of DVD's.] The track list and timings were obtained from the VCD version.

Track List:
          Titles and Introduction - 0:40
    1.   All Strung Out On You (Les McCann/Sterling Dean Hardin) - 13:50
    2.   Bat Yam (Les McCann) - 12:50
    3.   Just Like Magic (Les McCann/Phil Perry) - 6:35
    4.   Someday We'll Meet Again (Les McCann) - 12:42
    5.   Little Blue Volkswagen (Les McCann) - 5:16
    6.   Compared To What (Gene McDaniels) - 4:28
          Encore and Credits (with music) - 1:16
Total - 57:37

ca. 1989 live in New Orleans, LA

Les McCann (electric keyboard), (piano: Track 4), (vocals: Tracks 3, 5 & 6)
Bobby Bryant, Jr. (soprano sax, tenor sax)
Curtis Robinson, Jr. (bass)
Tony St. James (drums)

John Beyer (producer, director)
Terri Hinrichs (associate director)
Dave Frentz (assistant director)
Jim Moriarity (technical director)
Russ Abernathy (engineer in charge)
Dave Landry, Paul Combel, Mark Moore, Will Herbert, Mike Cooney (camera)
Don Sears, Andres Calandria, Julius Evans (audio)
Scott Scheel, C. Caldwell Sainz, Roy Patton (videotape)
Dan Crouch (videotape editor)
Mike Arnon (set design)
Mario Tio, Eddie Gonzalez (crew)
Yank Kennedy (transportation captain)

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