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Les McCann & Eddie Harris
Swiss Movement
Recorded Live at The Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland
Montreux 30th Anniversary Edition

Jul. 25, 1996 on Rhino Home Video # R3-2258 (VHS)

Black and white video tape footage of the classic concert from the hit 1969 Atlantic LP, Swiss Movement. This VHS cassette tape, released in conjunction with the 1996 Rhino CD reissue, Swiss Movement (Anniversary Edition), includes four of the six tracks on the CD plus one bonus track (*) by Eddie Harris' quartet (from another set; does not include Les McCann).

Track List:
          Opening: Telephone conversation between Joel Dorn and Les McCann - 0:45
    1.   Cold Duck Time (Eddie Harris) - 7:30
          Extended audience applause and Les' recognition of Ella Fitzgerald - 1:35
    2.   Kathleen's Theme (Les McCann) - 6:05
    3.   Compared To What (Gene McDaniels) - 8:30
          Extended audience applause and Les speaks in French - 1:20
    4.   Kaftan (Leroy Vinnegar) - 11:00
          Le Bonus Track . . .
    5.   *Listen Here (Eddie Harris) - 8:13
          Closing credits - 1:16
Total - 46:14

Jun. 21, 1969 at The Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland

Tracks 1-4:
Les McCann (piano), (vocal: Track 3), (piano strings: Track 4)
Eddie Harris (tenor sax)
Benny Bailey (trumpet: except Track 2)
Leroy Vinnegar (bass)
Donald Dean (drums)

*Track 5:

Eddie Harris (tenor sax)
Jodie Christian (piano)
Melvin Jackson (bass)
Billy Hart (drums)

Nesuhi Ertegun, Joel Dorn (producers)
Claude Nobs (festival director, video supervisor)
Adam Dorn (production assistant)
Nelson Bakerman (opening footage)
Steve Honey/Dv8 (editing)
Giuseppe Pino (photos)
Joel Dorn (liner note)
Mike Hennessey (liner notes)

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