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7th Grade

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Last Updated: November 15, 2001

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Mrs. Knoff

Bring your Heath books to class. In your Heath books, do the diagnostic test on end marks and commas on p. 222.

REMINDER: the final copy of your scrapbook, rough draft, peer edit, and scrapbook packet with completed graphic organizers is due on Monday, November 19th. Unless you are abducted by aliens over the weekend, there will be NO extensions, and there will be a 10 point a day deduction until it is handed in.

Mrs. Platt
Ms. Platt’s websites:

http://mlplatt.homestead.com - 7th Grade
http://msplatt2.homestead.com - 8th Grade

Mr. Kipp-McGowan None
Mr. Risdon Section A, D, E, G: p. 251 Guided Practice #1-18 and measure 3 different rooms in your house
Section F: p. 251 Guided Practice #1-18, p. 252 #9-14 and measure 3 different rooms in your house

Mr. Bacon *
Ms. Choinski http://schoinski.homestead.com/firstpage.html

Ms. Cline

Sheet 11

Mr. Vasile *

Ms. Dyer Please change the information on the next paper due on Veterans Day for Fri. 11/16. Keep all other info. the same. Add The travel project will begin this week. Supplies needed are 1" 3 ring binder, floppy disk, 2 poster boards, page protectors, and a travel brochure from a travel agent. Thank you.

Mr. Shillalie

Ms. Cambrola The French-Speaking country project is due on November 19th.

Mr. Delgado Study weather and seasons. Quiz tomorrow.
Mr. Millet



* - not available at time of update

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