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Last Update: 1/15/06
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Note: This page is updated regularly. Updates will be left on the page for a minimum of two months. Those who submit requests will be considered part of the Prayer Network and are asked to read the "Prayer Wars" pages if they have not.

To The Readers:

Please pray for all Christians living in Muslim countries. Many of them are facing lethal persecution.

Please pray that all Muslim countries would be opened up to the Gospel. Pray for the salvation of all Muslims.

Also, please pray that God will rebuke and bind the spiritual forces of evil behind Islam.

Perpetual Prayer Requests

These are things that all Network members are asked to be bringing to the Lord on a regular basis:

  • Please pray that the Main Message will become known to all Christians, world wide.

Pursuant to this,

  • Pray for the Lord's anointing and protection of all those who are helping to pass the Main Message on, that the Lord will supply all their needs, and that they will receive the grace to be truly ready.
  • Please pray that the Lord will raise up more Christians, on and off the Internet, who will help to pass the Message on.
  • Pray that the Lord will raise up entire Churches and ministries that will help.
  • Pray that the Lord will open more doors and more media of communication for getting out the Message
  • Pray that the Lord will bind the devil's powers to hinder the progress of this ministry.
  • Pray for all who hear this Message, that the Lord will forgive their sins and open their eyes; that when they are presented with it, they will at least be open to it; and that they will take the time at least to hear and learn the main points.
  • Finally, please pray for the Lord's protection of this Web site, and His continued blessing on this writer as he runs this ministry.

Submitted Requests: (as of 12/17/05)

From the Webmaster:
Pray for Feroza Christopher, a Christian from South Africa who came to Christ from Islam. Pray that the Lord would bless and protect him as a he grows in Christ.

Hi, my name is Patrice. I ask that you pray in agreement with me for my friend Marlon. Right now he is battling with his demons. God is calling him now, and he knows it. He is scared to give up the life that he is living now for a much better life in Christ.  Marlon is having such a hard time emotionally. He isn't sure where to turn. Well... he does know but he is afraid to give God a try. Please pray for him to realize that God is his only way to true happiness. Pray for him to believe and trust in God,  in Jesus' name.

My name is Praisy Paul. I'm from Kannur,  Kerala, India and I study for 10th Std. (Central board of Secondary Education.) my final Examination starts on 2nd of March. I do study well but nothing seems enter in my brain or mind. I want you all pray for me as I want to come out in high marks. I do read the Bible daily and pray to GOD. My own step brothers and sister who are elder to me are against me and they are trying to destroy my education and myself. they all do black magic against me to eliminate me. Please pray for my life and for my education. I have no mother.

My wife of 28 years, Jennifer, took off with her highschool sweetheart 1 Aug 2005. She is only "dating" him at this time and will not communicate with me or her children (26, 19). She was baptized with me but has decided to walk away from Christ. I am praying for her return to Christ and to our Marriage. I am praying for my childrens decision to dedicate their lives to Christ. I have been praying from Hosea a "Hedge of Thorns" around her as I fight this war against Satan.
God Bless

From Rebecca:
Please pray for my boyfriend Gene. He is struggling desperately with his finances. He is in need of a good job right now. It is an urgent need as he is suffering severely. He is a Christian, but he is beginning to suffer some depression with all of this. Thank you and God bless you for all your prayers for him!

From Lorinda:
Please pray for my son, Zachary. He is addicted to drugs and has had problems with it for several years now. It finally got to the point where he was arrested 4 times since his birthday on November 26 when he turned 19. Please pray he will turn himself in to the police and get these charges taken care of, that he will be able to enter into rehab before he ends up overdosing and possibly losing his freedom forever. These are serious drugs, oxycottins and it is synthetic heroin. I beg for your prayers that the Lord will have mercy upon him.

Please also pray for Gina, a young mother of 3, who has been ill for years. She just had a kidney removed due to cancer, cancer of the cervix, and now the doctor believes she has cancer of her thyroid. She has tumors all over her vocal cords and is being scheduled for surgery. Pray that she be healed in Jesus Name.

From “MoreKare”:  Please Pray that I pass the medical board examination and I am a Medical Doctor this year.  Amen.  Thank you.

Renewal Prayer & update for Evelyn Winston Baker (from her son Denis):

Requesting prayer for her healing, plus justice issues (unjust government intervention). Seems, though, to have a crackpot view of the situation. He obviously needs prayer for strength and wisdom. He has to be in a severe emotional trial.

From  Rev.D.Sathyamurthy, minister in India; requests prayer for healing for his mother, who is suffering from cancer, and needs healing and strength for ministry. 

From Latrice:

Please pray for Marcel that he would become stable in mind and become a strong man of God filled with the knowledge of the Lords will. Thank you for your prayers.

From Naira Sarfraz from Pakistan.


My prayer request is that I applied to UK for studies purpose but my visa was refused. Now I appealed to Tribunal and Asylum Centre in England and they will reply me back or they will make a decision in January 2006. Please pray for me that from Tribunal I will get my UK visa and can go there. 

Carl Halling writes:

Hi Friends, please pray for me that I might become freed of anger, depression, lack of energy, lack of joy, reclusiveness, and so serve the Lord to my fullest. Thank you. Carl

Mr. Jason asks for prayer for a variety of health, financial, and spiritual needs, including the desire to confirm the Lord's calling direction, and promises in his life.

Pastor Abel Aureli, a missionary in Italy, asks prayer for his brother-in-law, who has just been diagnosed with cancer.

Emad Balli
A Syrian believer in Christ Jesus, writes,

Top Urgent:

Dear Brothers,
     Please pray that I may find a better job that pays a bigger salary than my present job, which is not enough to cover the basics for me and my family.  God bless you all.

Pray for SAMUEL ASARE (MBA-President of HELP FROM ABOVE PRAYER HOTLINE. This man is a selfless servant of God who is touching many lives with a 24/7 prayer hotline. Now He is in desperate need of prayer and more. He needs financial support, and he needs people to physically plug into his ministry and help to answer the phones. His Web site Help him if you can.

Ereke Opanubi requests:


Pray for Annet Nalumu who is having a serious problem with a hostile work environment, which is also threatening her marriage. She is a new Christian.. She wants prayer for a new job, and prayer for guidance in her own prayer life.

Thea B.  writes:
My Christian son (backslidden) is to marry an Islamic lass in an Islamic ceremony. Lord, help him, in Jesus' Name, amen.

Editor's note: I do say 'amen' to this prayer request. That young man obviously does not know it, but he might as well be marrying the devil. He will regret that marriage if he goes through with it. Please do pray for him.

Angel writes:

I never got a Job that worth my education. This creates tension among the family because the money I got is only enough to sustain me alone. My parents feel that I am neglecting them because I can not help them in the way they were expecting.

If it is God's will for me to work where I am, Please pray that my parents will understand that I do not neglect them. If it is not God's will please pray that He will lead me to the right job when the time is right.

Furthermore, I am trusting God for a life partner (Husband) who we can together glorify the Lord.

Brett H. writes:

Please pray for me. I am severely depressed and hurt over my past relationship. Please pray for her to be lifted up, protected, given mercy and grace, and the discernment to see that her current actions are sinful and only hurtful to her. Please pray that she sees that I truly do love her and care for her, and that all gifts were out of love, and not because I wanted anything. Please pray that all of her past pain be healed completely.

Kevin L. writes:

Hi, my name is Kevin Logan, and I really need you to pray for me.  I'm going on a long spiritual journey, and I really need the glory of the Lord to reside in me during and after this...  My greatest joy is the Lord, but when my anger arises, it totally takes over and I'm unable to think or behave in a Christ-like manner.  I know that if I ever want to be anointed by God there needs to be less of me and more of Him.  Please pray for me.  Thank you, and God bless you for caring.

Prayer Priority: As stated above, we are targeting prayer for persecuted Christians throughout the world.  A number of individual requests relevant to this matter have been submitted. Deadly persecution of Christians is on the rise, worldwide. It is most prominent in China, India, and Muslim countries, especially Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt, and the Sudan. Christians are being arrested on false charges, tortured and murdered. Christian women are being raped. Churches are being looted and burned.

We must pray for both the persecuted and the persecutors.

Please pray for the Lord's protection for all the Christians under attack. Pray that the Lord will give them strength and peace to endure. Pray for the Lord's forgiveness, and salvation for the persecutors. Pray that the Lord will put a hedge around the persecutors to stop them. Pray also in all situations, for justice. Pray that the Lord will bind the devil in this situation, and send His angels to guard the Christians.

Note that this rise in persecution is a sign of Our Lord's Soon Coming.  In view of this, we now make prayer for persecuted Christians another Permanent Prayer Request.

See also
"Eight Priorities of Intercessory Prayer".

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