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    The contents herein represent major changes to the "Minicomputer Museum" site. Minor tweaks like URL changes are not included.

Sat Jan 8 18:18:20 EST 2000
Started implementing style sheets, added machines to New Acquisitions list.
Sat Nov 6 17:24:26 EST 1999
Automated the "last modified" bit on the main page.
Sun Oct 31 14:19:57 EST 1999
Added the MicroNOVA to the WWW site.
Wed Sep 29 19:24:43 EDT 1999
Added note about the Worcester Telegram's article about me to the main page.
Sun Aug 29 11:43:22 EDT 1999
Finally got around to writing up the RS/6000 220.
Tweaked RS/6000 930 to reflect new configuration.
Deleted references to RK06 and TE11 due to the loss of those artifacts. Thanks go to my family for junking them without my knowledge or consent.
Added link to NOAA's photo of a Nova 3 on-board a Hurricane Hunter aircraft.
Added the slide rule "wing" to the "Museum".
Sun Nov 1 15:30:25 EST 1998
Moved entire hierarchy from Diana's "webspace" to my personal one.
Fri Jul 3 18:57:00 EDT 1998
General redesign of layout.
Fri Dec 26 10:52:38 EST 1997
Added "IBM RS/6000 930".
Changed image format on all pages.
Sun Nov 16 10:32:47 EST 1997
Added "Reading Room"
Added Nova instruction set doco.
Reorganised documention section to allow better expansion.
Sun Jun 22 15:34:18 EDT 1997
New acquisition: Interdata Corporation Model 4
New acquisition: Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-8/I
Sat May 31 09:12:14 EDT 1997
Added LINC-8 page; made front page images "hot".
Tue May 13 22:00:40 EDT 1997
Added images of running PDP-12 and LINC-8 to main page image portfolio.
Sat Jan 11 10:55:29 EST 1997
Finally got around to adding a "wish list" page.
Sat Dec 21 21:42:35 EST 1996
New acquisitions: Packard Bell 250, and PDP-12/30.
Sun Dec 15 10:57:42 EST 1996
Added photographs to VAXstation 2000, IBM Portable Computer, and Atari "Middle Earth" pages.
Updated RSAC ratings tag in all pages.
Thu Nov 21 21:34:37 EST 1996
Changes to VAXstation 2000 page for console cable construction directions.
Sat Nov 9 14:56:42 EST 1996
New acquisitions: VAXstation 2000 and IBM Portable PC.
Tue Oct 29 22:41:12 EST 1996
Slight tweaks to the PDT-11/150 page.
Sat Oct 19 09:20:15 EDT 1996
Added note about the "Computer Museum History Center" opening in California to the trip to Boston's Computer Museum page.
Wed Sep 18 21:14:51 EDT 1996
Minor changes to the Nova 1200 page.
Mon Sep 16 16:10:21 EDT 1996
Added link to John Teehan's Collection.
Sun Sep 15 14:42:36 EDT 1996
Filed a content summary with RSAC (a content rating bureau). I received an "l 2" for "strong language"! Go figure.
Sat Sep 14 17:44:10 EDT 1996
Added new URL for Comprehensive Computer Catalogue.
Sat Aug 24 09:55:53 EDT 1996
Added the trip to Boston's Computer Museum page to the "welcome page".
Textual changes to the "welcome page".
Deleted link HREF="" to Comprehensive Computer Catalogue. It's disappeared from Plato's server.
Thu Aug 22 21:56:01 EDT 1996
Changed the photograph of the ISC 8001 and tweaked the text a bit to reflect the new image.
Sat Aug 17 07:43:57 EDT 1996
Added Nova3 page to reflect the acquisition of a new non- operational system.
Minor grammatical mods.
Sun Aug 18 21:04:20 EDT 1996
Added a page detailing facets and impressions of the Retrocomputing Society of Rhode Island's field trip to Boston's The Computer Museum and it's historical collection.
Thu Jul 4 09:52:21 EDT 1996
Updated VK-100 page to reflect the acquisition of an operational second system.
Minor grammatical mods.
Thu Jun 13 19:18:31 EDT 1996
Added link to Dr. Douglas W. Jones' PDP-8 archive.
Mon Jun 3 19:38:13 EDT 1996
Added link to Tom Sanderson's Virtual Altair Museum.
Mon May 27 15:07:31 EDT 1996
Enabled image loading for Lynx users.
Sun May 26 10:05:22 EDT 1996
Added "New acquisitions" page.
Added Digital Equipment Corporation DECstation 3100.
Tue May 14 22:18:59 EDT 1996
Added Philippe Dubois' Le Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle Informatique.
Sun May 12 16:54:45 EDT 1996
Added link to Donovan Marshall's page.
Fixed QBullet size problem.
Sun May 5 10:27:01 EDT 1996
Added image size qualifiers to all IMG statements
Validated all .html pages with Weblint.
Changed the URL for Andy Diller's Tandy M100 site.
Sat May 4 17:19:03 EDT 1996
Added "change history page" and minor text mods.
Wed May 1 23:34:37 EDT 1996
Updated PDT 11/150 page; minor text mods.
Sat Apr 27 09:48:55 EDT 1996
Added Qbullets and minor text mods.
Added IMG size attributes to most pages.

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