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Avalon Hill Ludography

Being in its main
a list of all games published by
The Avalon Hill Game Company
from its inception in 1952 until
being bought out by Hasbro in 1998.

These pages took hours of research to put together and I suspect that I will find more information as time goes by. Please email me at dwfiv @ if you have any information to share. The starting point for these tables was the Avalon Hill Ludography available at web-grognard. I have added to and changed information as I found evidence of games advertised for sale in Avalon Hill Catalogs that span over 30 years.

What is included:

  • Complete games
  • Modules
  • Roleplaying rules and supplements
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Any item listed in an Avalon Hill Catalog with a number.

What is excluded:

  • Computer software
  • Magazines (The General, All-Star Replay, & Heroes will be added later.)

Explanation of columns:

  • Title: Name of game or module (modules can be identified by space-dash-space in name, for example: RuneQuest - Cities.
  • Number: Stock number as found on the box or in a catalog.
  • Style: General class of game, as listed in Avalon Hill's own catalogs.
  • Oldest Catalog: Date of oldest catalog where this title appears, or publication date if I could document that positively.
  • Comments: Remarks about the game, (who published it first, was it ever published?). 'Private label' means I could not find the name of the previous puslisher. Most of this information is from Avalon Hill General Index and Co. History.

Please note: These lists are intended to be exhaustive, so if you know of something I missed, please let me know.

The Avalon Hill Game Company

Avalon Hill Games: contains approximately 300 titles that were published under the Avalon Hill logo.

Avalon Hill non-games: contains approximately 170 modules, supplements, variants and other add-ons as well as T-shirts, posters, etc. that were advertised in at least one of their catalogs.

Victory Games: contains approximately 70 titles that were published under the Victory Games logo.

Other Publishers

Metagaming: contains approximately 50 titles that were published by Metagaming.

3M Games: contains approximately 50 titles that were published by 3M, many of which were later republished by Avalon Hill.

Yaquinto: contains approximately 65 titles that were published by Yaquinto between 1979 and 1984.


Updated: February 9, 2005

This list in no way implies that I own these items, have them for sale, or want to buy them. Please email me only with comments about the list, and not with offers to buy or sell or requests for parts.

Email corrections to:

dwfiv @
© 2005, Daniel W. Farrow IV, all rights reserved