Touchwood August Winds, CD

(light blue roan) (Touchwood Talisman x Applewyn Abby of Touchwood)

"Gusty"(aka Bitch Face, Gus, Gustorf, Gustina)

Gusty was my first EC. Being on the small side at just under 15 inches and shy of bone, she did not compete well in the conformation ring so we gave that up fairly early in the game and concentrated on obedience. College interrupted our roll and we never did complete her CDX.

Gusty was one of those lively types that either passed brilliantly or flunked bigtime (she was very creative!) so competing with her was a challenge and never dull!

Gusty was extremely birdy and full of tenacity and heart. Sadly for her she did not get a chance to show her field ability until 8 years of age when she, along with Toga, got her first contact with gamebirds (quail) and the gun and quartered, flushed, marked and retrieved her birds as if she had been doing it all her life.

As my first dog and one that taught me so much, Gusty will always have a special place in my heart.