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American Spaniel Club
English Cocker Spaniel Club of America
Northeast English Cocker Spaniel Club
Der Jagdspaniel Klub (Germany)
Central Connecticut Spaniel Club
Mt. Rainier Sporting Spaniel Association
St. Hubert Kennel Club
Maine Spaniel Field Trial Club

As a child I had always had a love for animals in general and a passion for dogs and horses in particular (don't most little girls? ;)). My solitary hours were spent pouring over nature books, long walks in the woods, or over the drawing board sketching and painting birds and animals. I took an interest in purebred dogs at about the age of 10. I have been involved in English Cockers since 1976, and acquired my first dog, a blue roan bitch, in 1978. My first dog proved not to be up to snuff for the breed ring so I concentrated on obedience with her and contented myself with studying the breed and making future plans. During this early time I did note a couple things I thought worth working on --- No one at the time, it seemed, was trying to breed for actual dual purpose dogs (hunting and showing) and there was the distinct absence of solid liver in the modern showbred English Cocker gene pool, a fact that was true all over the world. Here, I thought, were two goals that would be challenging and, hopefully, would have something positive to contribute to the betterment of the breed.

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