Woodwyn's Heidi Vom Dornenbusch

(OFA Exc./CERF 1995, ERGed 1990. Grand z. Kolarskiej x Panda Kolender, bred by Elfriede Drastik)

(aka Heidikin, Heimlich, Hi)

I found myself hard-pressed to find a foundation bitch with which to begin as I wanted to start with a solid liver, preferably one with strong hunting instinct intact. Heidi was whelped in Germany out of Polish parents and linebred on eastern European Ch. field trial stock. Heidi's breeder turned out to be on the same sort of quest I was so understood well what I needed and what I was up against. She was apologetic that Panda, Heidi's dam, was not of show quality but I felt she had enough virtues to warrant giving the line a try, so we reserved a bitch puppy out of her next litter. Heidi came to us 18 months later.

As I had assumed would be the case, these being show/field crosses, the first generation out of Heidi was not quite up to par for the ring. But to her credit, her pups have been a delight to their owners, and several are serving as hunting companions.

At the time of this update, Heidi is 14 years old. She will be 15 on June 30, 2003.

Last update - April 12, 2003