Rowena Des Terres Froides, JH, SH, WDX

"Jenna" (aka "Froggy"," Frenchie", "Jenster", "Stealth Puppy")

Orange roan bitch,
(Plume La Poule Des Terres Froides x Oshima Des Terres Froides)

BAER Normal

Jenna came to us from France in late December, 2000 at approximately 4 months of age. She was bred by Brigitte Bolze in France at the kennel "Des Terres Froides". Jenna earned her WDX at the ECSCA National Specialty Working Dog test and later completed her JH title.

In Spring of 2004, Jenna completed her Senior Hunter title. In Summer she whelped a litter of 2 by Spam (Woodwyn's Foreign Policy , CD, JH, SH, MH, WDX)

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