Sentinel's Truffle of Woodwyn


(Ch. Sentinel's Reuben James x Sentinel's What's Forever For)

Sentinel's Truffle of Woodwyn (solid liver) (aka Truff, Trufflelumps, Rufflelumps, Ruffles, Lumpy, The Plow)

Truffle came to us about 8 months after Toga did. As he had been linebred on good lines we had intended him to compliment the liver bitch we were waiting on in Germany. Truffle did not pan out, however, as a breedable animal so we neutered him and kept him on as a pet and bracemate in the field for Toga.

Unlike Toga who always played the clown, Truffle was a very "serious" puppy and despite his quiet and soft demeanor with people is the boss male in the house. He is extremely sweet natured, very much the cuddle bug, loves attention and is probably the best ambassador for the breed anyone could ask for.

At home Truffle's favorite place is the "upper bunk" of the stacked crates from which he can survey all the action and keep tabs on all the best toys. He has a particular passion for tennis balls.

In the field he compliments Toga's more sweeping manner of working cover by being meticulous and delighting in burrowing in the nastiest patches imaginable (hence his nickname "the Plow") Working the briars has it's price and rarely do we leave a day's hunt without Truffle's face scratched up and thorns embedded in his skin, to which he is completely unfazed.

At the time of this update (84/12/03), Truffle is 15 years old.


Last update - April 12, 2003