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ArtsMedia is a Boston-based monthly magazine covering the visual arts in New England. I have written for them regularly since 2002. To read an article, please click on a title at right.

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Extreme Lawn Ornaments
Feature article: What happens when art moves out of the gallery and into the yard next door? Sculptors face neighborhood reactions to their XLOs (extreme lawn ornaments).
Let There Be Light
Feature article: Using everything from lasers, neon, LEDs and video projectors to simple candles and strings of Christmas tree lights, New England artists illuminate the darkness.
Harlem in Bloom
Feature exhibition review: "The Harlem Renaissance and Its Legacy," an ambitious show at the Worcester Art Museum, both celebrates and oversimplifies the African-American experience and African-American contributions to the visual arts.
Suzanne Ulrich
Short exhibition review: Suzanne Ulrich's thirty small mixed media collages feel like messages in a bottle, washed up from some distant shore...
New Material As New Media: The Fabric Workshop And Museum
Book review: This sumptuous volume reflects in both form and content the innovative use of materials promoted by its subject, the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia.
Fred Wilson: Objects and Installations, 1979-2001
Short exhibition review: Fred Wilson, America's envoy to the 2003 Venice Bienniale, deconstructs museum culture and demonstrates how the context of an object determines its meaning.
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