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Terrainman 2.0.1 [$10 Shareware, 181K]

Terrainman is a 3D graphics utility that transforms ordinary PICT images into handsome slabs of geography. The brightness of each pixel in the PICT determines the altitude of the terrain at that location. So for instance, a white circle on a black background would become a cylindrical plateau on a plane. Terrainman is intended to be used as a model generator, not as a rendering program. It only saves 3D DXF files, not images (yet).

Terrainman features:

"A prime example of extraordinary shareware" Five Mice
- Scott Love, MacUserWeb


"A great shareware program"
- Sean Wagstaff, 3D Starter Kit for Macintosh


8/10 rating
- Bargain Basement Graphics magazine


Nov. '94 Shareware Top 20
- MacPower magazine (Japan)


Please note that some programs (notably Strata StudioPro) have trouble reading Terrainman's DXF files. This is my fault, not theirs, and I don't know when or if I will make a fix.

Stickies Color Editor 1.0 [Freeware, 89K]

Stickies Color Editor lets you change the colors of the little notes in the Stickies application that Apple provides with System 7.5.

Each note has 3 colors, and you can change each one independently. You can also drag and drop colors from one note to another. You can even type a new name for each color scheme, and these names will appear in the Color menu in Stickies. If you ever grow tired of your custom colors, SCE can also re-install the original colors.
Recommended by MacWorld, June 1996

Spatial Blast [Freeware, 40K]

Spatial Blast is a Photoshop filter I whipped up with Adobe's Filter Factory. It turns any picture into a grungy, chaotic mess. Use it on the next job you do for Wired magazine or Reader's Digest.

Spatial Blast appears under Synthetic on the Filter menu. When you fire it up, you get three sliders: X Gravity, Y Gravity and Vicinity. X Gravity controls the amount of distortion on the horizontal axis. Y gravity does the same for the vertical axis. Vicinity refers to the immediacy of the detonation itself. [NOTE: always wear lead-lined gloves and eye protection while using this filter]

Think of Spatial blast as a neutron bomb in reverse: It destroys structures but retains life.

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