Dave Austin

A Rainbow In The Clouds

Diamond Productions

David Austin, piano

We are slowly adopting Dave Austin as our guru. The guy gets at you. He digs at the part you may well be resisting. Meaning, of course, that place where you can simply enjoy without the need to be cool. This vintage piano set may have you yearning for Cecil and Keith at the start, but with patience, trust and sincere submission you will find a deep sense of pleasure slowly blossoming within. Dave Austin interprets these tunes with what is mostly a single-note precision (not that his chords are by any means inferior), generally with a rumbling or "slowly walking" left-hand accompaniment. The touch is sure, and nothing gets left out. The improvisations are sparse, considered, and just so. The man knows his instrument and obviously relishes playing this lovely old standard repertoire. Forget all notions of post-bop and modal approaches, this music requires of one only the ability to simply lay back and enjoy. Nice one, Dave.

by Lawrence Brazier

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