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Bobby Shew, Gary Foster and Friends

Play the Music of Reed Kotler

Torii Records


Eastwood and his film music

Warner Sunset/Warner Bros. 9 488060-2


Cy Coleman

It Started With A Dream

Sony Classical


Dave Austin

A Rainbow In The Clouds

Diamond Productions


Dukes of Dixieland

Bob Cats Remembered

Leisure Jazz 49009-1063-2


Dukes of Dixieland

Barn Burners

Leisure Jazz 1070-2


Dukes of Dixieland

Digital Dixieland

Leisure Jazz 0 4900 - 91046 - 2


Dukes of Dixieland


Leisure jazz 1065-2


Dukes of Dixieland

LIVE at Mahogany Hall

Leisure Jazz 0 4900-91048-2


Dukes of Dixieland

Salute to Jelly Roll Morton

Leisure Jazz 04900-91053-2


Dukes of Dixieland


Leisure Jazz 04900-91052-2


Dukes of Dixieland

Sound of BIX

Leisure Jazz 1074-2


Heinz von Hermann Quartet

NAPO and the Giant Flute

MONS Music


Hoagy Carmichael

Stardust Melody



Justin Morell Quintet

The Music of Steely Dan

Sonicfrenzy Records


Joe LoCascio Trio

Close To So far

Heart Music


Junius Courtney

Big Band 2001


Marc Copland, John Abercrombie, Kenny Wheeler

That's for Sure

Challenge 70098


Tom Hormel

Caribbean Nights

Spice of the World Records


Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee Quintet

Previous Misconceptions

Etta James and the Roots Band


Burnin' Down the House

RCA/Private Music


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