Dukes of Dixieland

Barn Burners

Leisure Jazz 1070-2

Earl Bonie, clarinet; Kevin Clark, trumpet; Everett Link, Bass; Jamie Wight, piano; Ben Smith, Trombone; Richard Taylor, drums.

The urgent slippery trumpet of Kevin Clark kicks this CD off well at a furious pace on Running Wild. But by the time we hit the second track our barn is only smouldering. Too many of the numbers did not shape up to the title - causing a feeling of imbalance. The singing also had no empathy with the surroundings  and could well have been left out. There are many more barn-burning selections that could have enriched  to better effect. Enough moaning - all arrangements were in-house as usual and there was plenty of lively playing; you get nothing less from these guys. The clarinet of Earl Bonie and the trombone of Ben Smith stood out in Hindustan. Earl Bonie again danced around melodiously in Avalon, Jamie Wight tinkled invitingly in Sweet Georgia Brown and Kevin Clark showed us what lip control is in When Johnny Comes Marching Home. Maybe this a CD on which you select your tracks one at a time. The Dukes are always worth listening too.

by Ferdinand Maylin

Editor: The Dukes of Dixielandwill be appearing at the Elkhart Jazz Festival in Elkhart Indiana June 21-23, 2002

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