Dukes of Dixieland

Sound of BIX

Leisure Jazz 1074-2

Steve Blailock, guitar; Kevin Clark, trumpet; Tom Fischer,  bass/tenor sax; Connie Jones, cornet; Tim Laughlin, clarinet; Everett Link, bass; Tom McDermott, piano; Ben Smith, trombone; Richard Taylor, drums/leader.

If you are looking for a format for your next CD, and a 'title' for the set, why not collect together some of Bix Beiderbecke's stuff and call it Sound of BIX. Ofcourse, this is not just the sound of the master, it's the sound of the Dukes; and there is nothing wrong with that - these guys always deliver. Starting with their relaxed playing of Ostrich Walk, the balanced ensemble sounds of Goose Pimples, or running the gamut with Limehouse Blues, their musical expertise is outstanding. Kevin Clark always plays his trumpet with thoughtful drive and makes sure you always get full worth as far as notes are concerned. I particularly liked the delicate, almost apologetic clarinet playing of Tim Laughlin, often favouring the lower register, and the brass duet twixt cornet and trumpet in River Boat Shuffle. All this rounded off in solid fashion with Rhythm King. The Dukes think about what they do, with their long pedigree to uphold they make sure they are always worth listening too. Long may they last.                          

by Ferdinand Maylin

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Editor: The Dukes of Dixieland will be appearing at the Elkhart Jazz Festival in Elkhart Indiana June 21-23, 2002

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