Heinz von Hermann Quartet

NAPO and the Giant Flute

MONS Music

Heinz von Hermann, flute, bass flute, alto flute, Eb flute; Erwin Schmidt, piano; Uli Langthaler, bass; Bruno Castellucci, drums

Heinz von Hermann plays just about anything you can blow into, and is here with a fine assembly of flutes on this set. This is another case of musicians deserving a wider audience - although it is not for the want of travelling gigs to such place as Asia and South America. The atmosphere is generally laidback and cool (although they get pretty funky on "Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You?"), with some bounce here and there. Hermann pays a great deal of attention to melody before breezing into some stunningly logical exploration. Langthaler is a fine bassist who could have been put perhaps a touch further forward. Castellucci is a drummer who should be worshipped by those of his kind for his sensitivity and delicacy. The Hermann original, "Crocus," cries out for a lyric in its beauty. Schmidt, practically Vienna's house pianist, explores the keyboard with much feeling in his solo on this lovely piece. Castellucci and Hermann get a great groove going together on "Limehouse Blues," with Schmidt contributing some lovely flowing lines. Langthaler can be heard doing sterling service with the modest volume made available to him. NAPO, by the way, was a duck. A duck that succumbed to the nod and wink of a passing fox. Still, the music lives on. And for this we are grateful. An appealing set, a breeze. Recommended listening.

by Lawrence Brazier

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