Joe LoCascio Trio

Close To So far

Heart Music

Joe LoCascio, piano; John Adams, bass; Tim Solook, drums

This one has the goods. A classic piano trio effort, and right on they are, too. All original material from LoCascio, some of the melodies are strong enough to carry a lyric, a rarity nowadays. But who are these guys, and how come they aren't terrifically famous? Or do we just live too far away from what's happening? Again, we have stuff on our racks by established Jazz giants who have put out stuff inferior to this offering. The balance is extremely good to these ears, with the bass, played lovingly by John Adams, nicely forward to give an added bounce that enhances the groove, and his solos can be eerily melodious, too. Solook, on drums, puts a great deal of inventiveness into his fills and accents, and his sensitivity is noticeable. LoCascio has a lovely touch as he ambles on his explorative way through the material, his right hand running with an accompanying left that leaves nothing out. "The appealing For You" begins with a light touch that blossoms into real interplay between the three musicians. Cohesion is evident throughout and we would be amazed if these men haven't played together a great deal. "Idiot's Delight," a LoCascio solo, has some of the mixed-style eccentricity that Roger Kellaway would have loved. A very fine set indeed. Highly recommended.

by Lawrence Brazier

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