Junius Courtney

Big Band 2001

Junius Courtney, trumpet, vocals; Roberta Mandel, piano; Terry Hilliard, bass;

Nat Courtney, drums; Trumpets: Curtiss Mays, Jerry Crane, Pat Mullan, Kerry Davis; Trombones: George Spencer, Frank Fisher, Duane Worm, Harold Phillips; Saxophones: Alan Close, Andres Soto (alto), Don Ramsey, Bob Eisenmann (tenor), Susan Glasscock (baritone)

Sort of Basie-like, then it's anyone's guess. As a critic, the lowest of the low in the caste system, I once vowed to never be unnecessarily negative, but why, oh why, must Junius sing? I mean, he sings better than me, but even so! On the other hand, Jerry Cournoyer has a sure hand with arrangements, most of which are bright and swinging. Billy Strayhorn's moody Blood Count comes off pretty well. There are one or two good moments in the section work on Lollipops and Roses, and the saxes get a nice feature on "Robbin's Nest." The sound levels, however, are all over the place. This bunch obviously do this because they are musicians (I'd kill to be among them) who simply want to play and have fun. Hey, we love you all, anyway.

by Lawrence Brazier

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