Tom Hormel

Caribbean Nights

Spice of the World Records

A whole bunch of musicians and various instruments

You're already dead if you don't rumba to this one. Unabashed rhythm, beautifully recorded with a bright, clear sound. You will not need to concentrate on this music, it will /concentrate you. Perhaps this is where the heartbeat of the world comes from. This album is the work of Conservation International, working to save the threatened rainforests of our planet, moreover, 100% of the royalties, publishing and record-company profits go to CI, that's right, one-hundred per cent. You have to love Hormel's compositions. They are all a mix of jungle sounds and drums and guitars, with some really good horn and flute solos. Hormel is on keyboards, along with a couple of others. Not strictly a Jazz record, but never mind, this is music to party to. So off you go, balance an assortment of fruit on your head, grab a rum and something, and get swaying.

by Lawrence Brazier

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