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Description: Paul Jackson is one of the most influenitial Jazz/Funk Bass players of all time

 CD Releases Urbanzone Productions/Roc Armani
 Paul Jacksons new CD release, FUNK ON A STICK

The great funk bass master, Paul Jackson of the Headhunters (Basin Street Records) formerly Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters, has released his second solo CD, FUNK ON A STICK (Backdoor Records). Its been on the street for less than a week and the funk is in on the music reviews. Yes sir, In God We Funk what else can you say? Mr. Funky Fingers gets it on from beginning to the end of this CD and proves without any doubt that Herbie Hancock knew exactly what he was doing when he teamed with this man, oh yeah, says Keith Muzikman Hannaleck, of

Paul Jackson has become the master innovator of pushing the envelope further into the jazz funk realm. It all started with the instant classic Chameleon. The funky heat was turned up even higher on the song God Make me Funky. Jacksons new CD, FUNK ON A STICK comes out smooookin with such standout cuts as In God we Funk, Funk on a Stick and Hey Lou. He is flat out the baddest funk bass play of all times. San Francisco soul jazz singer/songwriter, Tony Adamos tune Hey Lou is featured on this CD along with Oakland, Californias funk drumming sensation, James Levi.

Bob Davis of Soul-Patrol.Net Radio says Its like Return To Forever/Headhunters with James Brown, Oscar Brown Jr. and Chuck Brown. This CD FUNK ON A STICK is essential for you to own. is handling worldwide digital and physical distribution. Digital distribution of FUNK ON A STICK will be on 50 legitimate digital music services including iTunes, eMusic, Real Rhapsody, and Sony Connect. FUNK ON A STICK will be sold on internet music retail sites including, Amazon, Best Buy, Virgin Mega Stores, SamGoody and Tower Records. You can also buy FUNK ON A STICK at

For more info on Paul Jackson go to and

Press Release: Tony Adamo & Ernie Watts Record at Cherokee Studios:

 Tony Adamo, Eddie Henderson, and Jerry Stucker



Eddie Henderson & Tony Adamo Records Milestones

Article by Mix Magazine:

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Update May 31, 2004

Tony Adamo At Capitol Records

Singer/songwriter Tony Adamo and his producer Jerry Stucker were recently at Capitol Studios (Capitol Records) Hollywood, CA with Al Schmitt (legendary recording engineer) mixing Adamo's new CD. Al Schmitt has worked with the most influential voices in American Pop and Jazz for over forty years, from Sinatra and Ellington to more recently Diana Krall and Natalie Cole. Adamo's new CD (to be released in early 2005) will be a collection of jazz standards as well as some pop gems turned into nu-jazz. Jerry Stucker's music arrangements for these cuts are very hip and smooth. Included are War's "The Ghetto," the classic Grover Washington Jr.'s tune "Winelight" with lyrics by Kurt Elling and Adamo's rendition of Cannonball Adderly's funky Jazz tune, "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy."

Update April 24, 2004

Up In It - Tony AdamoUP IN IT : See CD review @:

Tony Adamo and Mic GilletteTony Adamo interviewed by Jazz Review @

Photo of Tony Adamo and Tower of Power great Mic Gillette in the studio (at left). For more on Tony and Mic click here:


Update December 3, 2003

CIM Radio does a radio interrview with Tony Adamo, check it out at:


Update November 17, 2003

Review from CIM Radio

Tony Adamo

ALBUM: Dance Of Love

LABEL: Rhombus Records

DATE: 2003

GENRE: Smooth Jazz

It's cool, smooth, sexy and funky (gotta have this in true CD-quality). Tony Adamo is the smooth jazz power voice of the generation, and after listening to Dance of Love, you can't deny the fact that this new vocalist has got the material to succeed. A lot of musical elements are included into each track. For example, the first few tracks are blues heavy, flirty and upbeat. Coolness is defined when Adamo showcases his stuff with "Hey Lou." The album slows down soulfully with When Love Comes Over You, and now you get the other side of the man. However, the perfect smooth song in this album would have to be When Love Comes Out To Play. It is just so well polished that you're all the sudden in a dreamy, quiet mood. Closing it off, is a sweet track Real Life, which reminds me of the life we all take for granted. Dance of Love is playing now on CIM Radio Smooth Jazz.

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CIM Radio is a licensed ASCAP and BMI smooth jazz radio channel through Live365

Update September 30, 2003

To request Tony Adamo's music at CIM Radio: Jazz Funk Master Paul Jackson Records with Tony Adamo go to September News Story.

Tony Adamo grooves closer to National Radio Airplay go to August News Story.

For moreinfo on Tony Adamo go to yahoo or google search, and type in Tony Adamo or Tony Adamo Jazz, or Tony Adamo Smooth Jazz, or Tony Adamo News.

Update July 7, 2003

Singer/songwriter Tony Adamo's song 'Midnight Cafe' featuring the great Ernie Watts on sax, is #10 and #4 respectively on the jazz and smooth jazz charts at 'Midnight Cafe' is the fourth song from Adamo's new CD, DANCE OF LOVE (Rhombus Records) to go either #1 or be in the top 10 on the jazz or smooth jazz charts.

See it all at


Update May 9, 2003

Tower of Power great, Mic Gillette is back in Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area to stay. This world-renowned horn player and music arranger continues to be a driving force in the world of music today. Mic has played with the greats to include: Elton John, Huey Lewis and the News, Jefferson Starship, Santana and The Rolling Stones to name a few. As of late, Mic Gillette is one of the featured artists on the new Sons of Champlin's DVD release entitled SECRET. Bill Champlin, the Son's leader, is a long time member of the group, Chicago. The Son's web site is at: Mic is also the featured artist on Will Porter's new CD entitled, HAPPY. Other featured artists on this CD are Billy Preston, Barbara Lewis, and Leo Nocentelli of the Meters. Porter's web site is at:

The summer of 2003 will have Mic working on his new yet untitled CD release. Bay Area singer/songwriter, Tony Adamo will be included on Mic's new project. Mic wrote the horn arrangements for four songs on Adamo's new release entitled, DANCE OF LOVE on Rhombus Records. The song, 'No Strings Attached' went to #1 on several Internet smooth Jazz charts. Holding down horn duties on this tune along with Mic are Tower of Power greats Skip Mesquite and Stephen 'Doc' Kupka. Adamo co-wrote this tune with Jerry Stucker, his music producer.

Mic is also a brass clinician for United Musical Instruments. For clinics, horn arrangements or to have Mic Gillette featured in your band, please e-mail Roc Armani at or call UrbanZone Productions at 408-727-2086.

Update: September 15, 2003 At the songs "Ecstasy," "Live For Your Love,"and "No Strings attached" have combined for over 170,000 downloads to date.

 Tony Adamo
Dance of Love

Smooth Jazz is designed to mellow your day. It works better than that when the singer adds passion and a genuine storyteller's charm. Tony Adamo creates interest and holds you to it through his suave manner. Most of the songs leave a romantic reminder that surrounds itself with contemporary instrumental sounds and background vocals.

Adamo, who recalls the deep baritone of Lou Rawls and the vibrant passion of Tom Jones, makes life easy for lovers who just want to agree on something for the moment. His portraits include wordless scatting and lyrical interpretation. Although several selections hamper an otherwise terrific program, Adamo leaves the impression that smooth Jazz was designed with the magic of his vocal interpretations in mind. Horns add to the mix, and Ernie Watts enhances "Hey Lou" and "Midnight Café."

Soprano and alto saxophonist Melecio Magdalulo contributes to several selections as backup singer Sandy Griffith lends strong support for the entire program. You can catch a video of Adamo in action at

by Jim Santella
Reprinted with permission from L.A. Jazz Scene


Jeff Charney Interviews Exciting New Smooth Jazz Vocalist, Tony Adamo.
By Roc Armani

Jeff Charney, well-respected radio personality and longtime mainstay at Hot 103 KPRS Radio, Kansas City, MO, recently did a radio interview with exciting new smooth Jazz vocalist and singer/songwriter, Tony Adamo. Jeff introduced "Midnight Café" featuring Ernie Watts on his Sunday Brunch Show aired on KPRS, Kansas City, MO and KRNB, Dallas, TX. This generated a healthy listener response, so Jeff decided to do a radio interview tie-in. "Midnight Café" is from Adamo's new CD, Dance of Love (Rhombus Records).

Dance of Love is pulling down excellent reviews. The March issue of L.A. Jazz Scene has a breakout review on this Exciting new artist. Charney says "if the music is good enough and fits into my radio format, I will play it." It is radio pioneers like Jeff Charney that continue to forge the path for up and coming contemporary and smooth Jazz artists.

Update: 2/10/03

The Rising Stars Of UrbanZone Productions: Singer/songwriter, Adamo, is #1 and #5 on the Smooth Jazz and Jazz charts with the song "Ecstasy" and #10 on the Smooth R&B chart with the song,"Live For Your Love." The group Streetchant, featuring world-renowned percussionist, Kenneth Nash, is #5 on the Jazz Fusion charts, with"Asibah." The funk band, Calvin Darkness, is #5 on the R&B Funk chart,with "Funkn' Revolution." Singer/songwriter, producer, RJ Ross is #4 and #25 on the World Fusion Jazz charts and the Jazz Fusion charts with the songs, "In The Green Green," and "Ancient Songs Of The Garden." The ShotaOsabe Trio, featuring the late Ray Brown is #20 and #25 on the Jazz and Smooth Jazz charts, with the song "Can't Leave Here Again." New singing sensation, Nicky De Paola, is #14 on the Smooth Jazz charts with his version of "Pillow Talk." The above referenced artists can be found at: Singer/songwriter, Tony Adamo, is #5 on top 40 MP3 Jazz charts at: with the song "Live For Your Love."

Roc Armani, of UrbanZone Productions is close to signing one of the legends of Jazz to UrbanZone Productions. Stay turned for more updates.

Update 2/4/03:

The songs "Ecstasy," "No Strings Attached," "Passport," and the newly released, "Live For Your Love" have generated over 85,000 downloads at in less than three months. Adamo's song "Ecstasy" is still#1 on the top 500 smooth jazz chart. His newest release, "Live For Your Love" went from #700 to #8 in just two days on the smooth R&B charts! Tony is listed under artist "Adamo" at

Tony's producer/guitarist, Jerry Stucker, will be in LA recording the signature horn sound of Stephen 'Doc' Kupka, one of Tower of Power's founding members. 'Doc' is laying down his sound on two new Adamo/Stucker tunes. Mic Gillette and Skip Mesquite have already recorded their horn parts for these two new songs. Mic Gillette does most of Tony's horn arrangements.

Peter Su, Program Director of CIM Radio, NY City made DANCE OF LOVE his CD pick for January. He referred to Adamo as "the smooth jazz power voice.

"Mike James, Program Director at Smoothjazzandmore,, referred to Adamo's CD, DANCE OF LOVE as "a remarkable work, a class act, and well recommended!

"Derick Winterberg, owner of, called Tony "a true smooth jazz vocalist." This review can be found at:

Jeff Charney, Program Director of is playing "Midnight Cafe," featuring Ernie Watts on his radio shows in Kansas City and Dallas.

Roc Armani, of UrbanZone Productions, and Thom Teresi, of Rhombus Records are working hard at getting Tony Adamo radio air play.

Tony's new CD Dance of Love is now available to Jazz Now Direct. Read its review at the August issue of Jazz Now Interactive.

Click here to see a video clip of Tony's new CD "Simple Groove" at: picks of the month for November, 2002, are Gerald Albright, Tony Adamo and Chico Hamilton. Go to to see the review of Tony Adamo's Dance of Love by Lee Prosser. For more info on Tony Adamo go to: and type in Tony Adamo in their artists search box.

For more info on Tony Adamo type in Tony Adamo, or Tony Adamo Jazz, or Tony Adamo News at Yahoo Search.

A review of Simple Groove by Madelyn Johnson who said, "Wow!! OOOHHH!!! AAAAHHHH!!!" will be reviewing Tony's new CD In The Dance of Love and will feature an Interview of Tony Adamo on their site in November, 2002.

For more reviews on Tony Adamo go to:

A review by Steve Stolder of BAM magazine: "Adamo is a classic crooner, hey, he got a great voice."

Crossover Hit

Update September 28, 2002: the song "Ecstasy" goes to number one at Smooth Jazz Charts and is strong at number six on their straight a-head Jazz charts. "Ecstasy" has been added to web radio.

Update October 18, 2002: "Ecstasy" remains number one on Smooth Jazz Charts and has moved up to number two on the straight-ahead Jazz Charts.

UMR magazine, a new music magazine out of the UK will feature Tony Adamo on its first cover issue. Go to:

at the song "Ecstasy," "Passport" and "No Strings Attached" has been added into their A & R search engine for producers, film, TV licensing and major record label consideration.

Update October 2002: Mic Gillette of Tower of Power is writing new horn arrangements for Adamo's new songs that will be out in 2003.

According to Dorothy Hill's review of "Dance of Love," "Adamo's upcoming CD release Dance of Love, Adamo is a stylish and creative vocalist who offers surprises on every cut in this well executed CD. The supporting musicians are excellent and if you are looking for good Contemporary Smooth Jazz, this fits the bill. The CD is filled with a galaxy of sound that is enticing and the more one listens, the more drawn in one becomes. A good gift to a lover, I say! Dorothy Hill, Jazz

A review on the song "Ecstasy"

"This is a quality, Jazz / Pop recording, with expressive lead vocals and solid band musicianship. Its an enjoyable listening experience. Its relaxing and hip to listen to". Dale Kawashima, Songwriteruniverse magazine.

Adamo has signed with Thom Teresi's Rhombus Records out of Los Angeles, California for record promotions and distribution.

Update July 22, 2002 at: top 300 Smooth Jazz chart, Lee Ritenour is number 16; Patti Labelle is number 32; Eric Marienthal is number 41; Joyce Cooling is number 46; Bobby Matos is number 300; and 'TA! DAA! Tony Adamo's "Ecstasy" is number 10 !!! Tony thanks the Smooth Jazz fans of the world.

At song writing internet radio show, Tony Adamo's song "Ecstasy" is getting world wide air play. Adamo is the featured song writer on radio MUSE. "Ecstasy" Tony Adamo's lyrics and Jerry Stucker's music.

To download Tony Adamo's music at: go to Jazz, then go to Adamo. In December of 2001's Top 25 downloads for Smooth Jazz, "Ecstacy" was at number 5 and "No Strings" at number 14. As of January 2002 on the Loudenergy site "Ecstasy" was number 1 three times and "No Strings" continues to stay in the top 10. Radio play has started at radio KPOO, San Francisco; KKUP Cupertino; KPFA Berkeley, CA; CKUA FM Alberta, Canada; CHUM FM, Ontario, Canada; Web Radio, and more stations will follow. Tony appreciates your loyal support. Update: "Ecstasy" and "No Strings" debuted February 8, 2002 at number 11 and number 19 respectfully @: in their top 40 Smooth Jazz Charts. As of February 11, 2002 "Ecstasy" is number 2, "No Strings" is number 9. To download go to: to the top 40 Jazz Charts. Tony thanks the Smooth Jazz fans of the world.

Update: As of April 9, 2002 "No Strings Attached" is the number 1 downloaded song at: Jazz charts. "Ecstasy" is number 9 and "Passport" is number 25 on MP3charts top 40 Jazz charts of the world. The master horn player, Ernie Watts', has finished laying down musical tracks for Adamo's upcoming CD release entitled In the Dance of Love at:, a hard rock sight, "Ecstasy," a smooth Jazz song, is number 2 with 398 downloads for March 2002. Tony thanks Ernie Watts', the smooth Jazz fans, and Producer/Guitarist Jerry Stucker.

Update: May 11, 2002 "No Strings Attached" goes to number 1 for the 3rd time at

Update: January 13, 2002 to June 4, 2002 "Ecstasy" has been number one, 10 times, "No Strings Attached" has been number one 4 times. "Passport" has been number one 3 times. All songs from Adamo's Simple Groove CD. All 3 songs can be found at top 25 Smooth Jazz Charts. For a copy of any of these charts, contact Roc Armani @:

Update: As of April 24, 2002 Keyboard Wizard Rodney Franklin has completed music tracks for songs "Hey Lou" and "Rhythm of Your Love." These will be included on Tony's new CD In the Dance of Love. Tony thanks Rodney Franklin for his superb professional contribution.

Update: As of April 26, 2002 at: top 200 Jazz chart "Ecstasy" debuted at 139 with a bullet. April 27, 2002 "Ecstasy" climbs to number 65. To download "Ecstasy" go to go to Jazz chart. You can also download Adamo's music at: go to Jazz.

May 10, 2002 "Ecstasy" added to website: out of England. May 15, 2002 "Ecstasy" goes to number 44 on top 500 Jazz charts. To get to the chart, go to Jazz, go to USA. Update October 18, 2002: "Ecstasy" climbs to number 31 on the top 500 World Jazz Charts.

May 20, 2002 "Ecstasy" goes to number 85 on Global Top 500 all music chart and number 15 on top 500 chart for Jazz in U.S.A. at

As of July 1, 2002 at: "Ecstasy" is number 3 on their top 40 Jazz chart. "No Strings Attached" is number 1, "Passport" is number 2 and "Ecstasy" is number 10.

On website Smooth Jazz page, Tony Adamo has been the featured artist for over 2 months. On their top 150 Smooth Jazz Chart, "Ecstasy" is number 20, "No Strings Attached" is number 23 and Passport is number 63. For a copy of any of these charts, contact Roc Armani @:

Producer/Guitarist Jerry Stucker is working with Adamo on new material to be released 2003.

Tony thanks Tower of Power greats, Mic Gillette, Skip Mesquite and Stephen "Doc" Kupka for their inspired hip to the bone playing on Adamo's upcoming CD release, and to Mic Gillette for his outstanding horn arrangements on "No Strings Attached," "Rhythm of Your Love" and "Mystery."

Tony has three songs appearing in review at the site: Regarding "Ecstasy" they said: "From the very first beat this track oozes class." About "No Strings" they said "You could easily imagine Tom Jones having a hit with this track, except Adamo sings it better." Regarding "Passport" they said: "When the vocals arrive they are powerful and very well delivered."

Tony is very appreciative for the support he has received from his producer, Jerry Stucker, the Smooth Jazz Fans, the Recording Industry and Jazz Now Interactive.

Tony Adamo - When Love Comes over You

"Smooth, light and soulful describe the voice and style of Adamo, comparing him to Tom Jones and Tony Bennett." - Alan Weinstock, Talent Magazine

"Adamo's voice is a crooner's dream: a velvety smooth tenor, with a silky delivery and crisp enunciation." - Elizabeth Goodwin, Jazz Now

"This one's a gem! It's my kind of groove. Adamo's rich vocalizing puts me in the mood for looove!" - Rochelle Metcalfe, Jazz Now

Singer, song writer Tony Adamo (photo at right) of Urban Zone Records, along with Tower of Power great Stephen "Doc" Kupka and Jerry Stucker, Adamo's musical producer, tuck it in at the recording of Tony's new CD at Different Fur Recording, San Francisco, California.


Read about Tony Adamo. Profiled in July/August 1997 issue of Jazz Now



Tony Adamo (center) at the recording session of his new CD. Mic Gillette, with cap, trumpeter for Tower of Power, Jerry Stucker, far right, of JS Production.

New Sounds (May 1997)

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