Blue GrooveBob Bangerter
Blue Groove

Bob Bangerter, guitars; Michael Ruff, keyboards, vocal; David Inamine, bass; David Choy, tenor sax; Garin Pollahu, drums; Maurice Bega, vocal

To my knowledge, this is Bob Bangerter's third CD. As I expected, he has grown musically with each one, and the eight selections on this one cover quite a musical spectrum.

David Inamine establishes his authority on bass immediately in the opening number, "Comin' Home Baby," and Bob Bangerter shows sensitivity throughout the album. Sometimes his guitar takes on a keyboard touch, almost singing the lyrics to the tunes as on "On Broadway." He approaches "Prelude to a Kiss" with deserved reverence and does some interesting call-and-response with David Choy. Michael Ruff is really funky on the keyboard, keeping the groove blue.

I like the way the group plays together, always playing with yet never overshadowing each other.

A well-named album! I'm happy to have it included in Jazz Now Direct CD Store.

by Haybert K. Houston

New Sounds - CD Reviews March 2000


Blue Groove is available through the Jazz Now Direct CD Store.