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Blue Groove

Bob Bangerter

Blue Groove


(available at Jazz NowDirect CD Store)


Tethered Moon

Chansons d'Édith Piaf

Winter and Winter, 910 048-2


Gustavo Aguilar

Dreaming with Serpents

Acoustic Levitation (1001)


Joe Ascione Sextet

My Buddy: A Tribute to Buddy Rich

Nagel Heyer CD 036


Nick Brignola

All Business

Reservoir Music, RSR CD 159


The California Browns Project

Night of a Thousand Rains



Sergio Cleto


Carisma Productions, 107.369


Davell Crawford

Love like Yours and Mine

Bullseye Blues & Jazz 11661-9606-2


Katie Viqueira
The Other Side (El Otro Lado)



Mark Elf

Over the Airwaves

Jen Bay Jazz (JBR 0006)


Rick Faulkner

Waiting for the Rain

Laughing Buddha 99004


Kenny Garrett

Simply Said

Warner Brothers 9 47443-2


Bill Gilliam
Urban Undercurrents
Melos Productions (001)


Don Glanden

Only Believe

CJR 1093




Jeff Johnson Trio


Origin Arts (82370)


Mary LaRose and Ledhead

Walking Woman

GM Recordings (3041)


Susanna Lindeborg/Ove Johansson Duo


LJ Records (5222)


John Mackay Trio

Peaced Heart and Often Grin

MIV 283


Mike Marshall

Brasil (Duets)

Earthbeat! Traveler (R2 71674)


Brad Mehldau

Elegiac Cycle

Warner Brothers 947357-2


Milton Nascimento


Warner Brothers. 9 47561-2


Not Missing Drums Project

Offline Adventures

Leo Lab (057)


Orange Then Blue

Hold the Elevator

GM Recordings (3040)


Frank Potenza

In My Dreams

Azica AJD 72212

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