Sergio Cleto
Carisma Productions, 107.369

Sergio Cleto, all instruments

Sergio Cleto's offering is two projects in one. In this recording, the listener gets several ballads, a few smooth Jazz selections, and a few Latin selections. While this type of mixture is certainly acceptable in Brazil, this may not be the case in the States or other countries where the marketing media has clearly trained consumers to search for specific genres. However, those who can handle the variety may want to pay close attention to "Estrela da manha," "Tributo ao Grover," "Pensando em ti," and "Pedra pedriera." "Estrela da manha" ("Tomorrow's Star") is a very nice up-tempo smooth Jazz selection with the alto saxophone producing the principal melody. "Tributo ao Grover," for the late Grover Washington Jr., is probably the most radio-friendly selection; it features tenor sax and has shades of Mr. Magic in its overall feel. "Pensando em ti" ("Thinking of You"), is probably the best of the ballads, with its nice soprano sax melody line. The synth strings and French horn sounds that enter during the second verse also give it a very nice touch. The best selection of the CD is "Pedra pedriera." It is reminiscent of Dori Caymmi and has a very nice blend of flute and guitar. Additionally, the use of the voice as an instrument is a welcome touch. This piece has a more natural flow than any of the others. More selections like "Pedra pedriera" would certainly make this project stand out.

by Kenny Polson

New Sounds - CD Reviews March 2000