Susanna Lindeborg/Ove Johansson Duo
LJ Records (5222)

Susanna Lindeborg, piano and keyboard; Ove Johansson, tenor sax, EWI, and electronic backgrounds

This couple thankfully avoids the tedium of so much dissonant Jazz by implementing some unique textures beneath the piano and sax, thanks mostly to Johansson's creation of ominous rumblings and sci-fi bass squawking. Hard to say why more outside players don't free themselves of their self-imposed acoustic confinementsor at least enhance themby implementing the electronic, ultramoody possibilities available through a wall socket. While the duo engages in some serious playing built on the computer bass burps found in "Etnan," they can also play it straight and unplugged, as on the near impressionistic "Weaver's Idea."

by Dave McElfresh

New Sounds - CD Reviews March 2000