Grovin' with Rochell Metcalf

November 1994

Due to a flu-type cold, I missed my October deadline, but DENISE PERRIER is among the many women I would have focused on. I want to tell you that Denise is leaving this month, November 4, along with pianist JEFF CHIMENTI, for Tokyo to work at the fabulous new Parc Hyatt Hotel until February 7, 1995.


December 1994

It would be great to bring Jazz back to the Fillmore in a two-block area designated as a Jazz district. Mayor FRANK JORDAN's Western Addition task force and the Redevelopment Agency commissioners voted to spend as much as eight hundred thousand dollars to enliven the street, which will be known as the Old Fillmore Jazz District if economic consultant JIM JEFFERSON has his way.

DENISE PERRIER was the first to call my home expressing her enthusiasm over the idea. I first heard Denise on Fillmore during the late '70s when she was performing at an intimate spot called Club Sanchez. Let's keep our fingers crossed, Denise. By the way, the lovely songbird is in Japan until February when she returns home to San Francisco and then goes to Europe for a month.


February 1995

During the holidays I received a Christmas card from lovely songbird DENISE PERRIER in Japan, where she and her pianist, JEFF CHIMENTI, have been performing since November 4 at the uniquely beautiful Park Hyatt Hotel. There's a panoramic view from the New York Bar and Grill, where they work six nights a week. Their engagement ends February 7. Denise's hubby, JOHN CHOICE, an artist and curator, flew over to join her in early December and stayed until January 3. Upon her return to San Francisco, Denise will gig at Eric's on Valentine's Day, then she's off for Italy at the end of the month. I was a little worried about Denise when I heard about the seven-point earthquake in Japan the last week in December; hopefully all went well.


September 1995

DENISE MAUNDER, of Jazz on the Mall Productions, is to be congratulated on the wonderful production Blues Women: A Celebration in Words, Music, and Song offered during the summer at the Oakland Museum which is a benefit for the Women of Color Resource Center in Berkeley. Proceeds will go to send a contingent of women to the fourth World Conference on Women, which will take place this month in Beijing, China.

San Francisco song stylist DENISE PERRIER was one of the blues women performing at this event in the women's band Living on the Edge. The lady can get down!

by Rochelle Metcalfe

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