I Wanna Be LovedDenise Perrier
I Wanna Be Loved

Chez Perrier Records, CD3331939

Denise Perrier, vocals; Jane Hasty, Stan Hope, piano; Ruth Davies, Peter Martin Weiss, bass; Roger Glenn, vibes; Cecil Brooks III, drums; Calvin Keys, guitar; Raul Ramirez, percussion; Houston Person, tenor saxophone

It always amazes me how many superb singers are out there, not always as well known as they should be and underrepresented on recordings. Such a one is Denise Perrier, whom I knew of but had never heard before. What a wonderful surprise to hear this, I assume, her first CD.

She has surrounded herself with tip-top musicians and is especially complemented by the warm, full-bodied tenor sound of Houston Person. He's a master at bringing out the very essence of a ballad, as on "Again," in which voice and sax are closely related in timbre. Perrier has a real concern for intonation: note her preciseness on "Masquerade," for instance.

Dedicating this set to Etta Jones, Perrier uses as her closer a number associated with Ms. Jones, "Don't Go to Strangers," which, although taken at a slow tempo, seems well suited as a leave-taking. With her rich, smoky voice winding its way around standards and one blues ("Salty Papa Blues"), Perrier shows her versatility in material and tempos, with even a bossa beat used for "An Occasional Man."

Making her home in the San Francisco area, Perrier can be seen and heard regularly in bistros there and has made numerous overseas appearances. Perhaps we in other parts of the United States will now get to know her better.

by Francesca Nemko

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