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I just wanted to say thanks for the nice mention of the gig at Simple Pleasures. Gerry, Robin, and I all appreciate your support.

I also want to thank you for the wonderful article on Harley White. I have had the very distinct pleasure of playing with Harley on several occasions and have always found it a delight. He is one of the true treasures of the Bay Area, and it's nice to see him getting some well-deserved acclaim.

Cathi Walkup

San Francisco, California

I am writing a biography of singer Midge Williams, who started her career in the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 1930s. I would like to hear from anyone who knew Midge, had knowledge of her, or heard her perform at any time in her career.

Particularly unclear is her history from 1941 until her tragic death in January of 1952. In the two years before her death she was living in a rooming house at 291 Broadway in San Francisco. In April of 1946 she had made a guest appearance on the Jack Webb radio show in San Francisco. Beyond that I have found no trace of her during her last decade.

Also needed are the dates and places of her short tour with Fats Waller in the 1930s and the dates when she appeared on the Studebaker radio show, probably in 1936 and 1937.

If you can help, please drop me a card at 6301 Dana Street, Oakland, California, 94609 or leave a message on my answering machine, 510.655.6543.

Bob Arnold

Oakland, California

Just a note to thank Jack Bowers, who reviewed Fly Rite in the June issue. Please thank him -- I'm glad he dug it.

The next time I'm on the west coast, I'll try to let you folks know ahead of time. I believe the first time I played at Pearl's is when I met you, and I've done some gigs where Francesca Nemko was there, and Pete Fallico, too. Both have been very kind to me in print.

In late May I did a few gigs in California: the KRML Jazz Store, a very nice venue where I performed several times previously; and the Santa Barbara Jazz Society -- the first time for Stanley Naftaly. I had a ball. Please thank your staff for their support.

'Twas nice to see a piece on Dick Conte, as he has had me on his radio show several times, spins my music, and is very supportive.

I've recently returned from a couple of weeks in Australia, and I've included some ink.

Giacomo Gates

Westfield, New Jersey

My article on Jazz in Japan is coming to you soon. Tokyo has so much Jazz to deal with that it warrants a little extra ink.

Sorry to have missed the anniversary party, I'm sure it was a festive do as always.

I was wandering around the Tower Records store in Bangkok and found Jazz Now magazine. That was a very pleasant surprise.

Scotty Wright

Associate Editor

Far East Traveler


We are looking forward to your article on Jazz in Japan. As our tag line says, we are the Jazz world magazine.


Jazz Now Magazine -- August 1999 Issue