Crosswalk Designs

by Maura Sheehan

Maura Sheehan has reached back into the art of ancient times to provide an unusual method to delineate cross walks in a modern shopping center. Her images are based upon those of a Fifth Century B.C. famous attic black figure vase title The Panathenaic Amphora Footrace by The Euphiletos Painter now on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

She also is responsible for the extraordinary markings now identifying the parking stalls for the handicapped.

Maura Sheehan is known for works produced out-of-doors, often independently of official sponsorship, in Los Angeles and New York. Her work has also been part of group exhibitions in avant-garde institutions such as PS.1 in New York and the Washington (D.C.) Project for the Arts as well as art galleries in La Jolla, California and Dublin, Ireland. She is currently represented by Art Galaxy, 262 Mott Street, New York City.