Sculptures at the Cermak Plaza Shopping Center

The following is as complete a listing of the sculptures installed at the Cermak Plaza Shopping Center in Berwyn, Illinois, as I have been able to compile and photograph. As new sculptures are added, this listing will be updated. Those sculptures at the Cermak Plaza Shopping Center that are still standing are listed first. Those that have been destroyed or dismantled are listed at the end. Wherever possible, I have used the actual description on the plaque next to the installation to describe the piece in the hotlinked document. Whenever I have found any additional internet references to the artists or collections mentioned, I have also placed them in the hotlinked documents. If anyone in going to these links find that they no longer are valid, please notify me.

Please note that all works of art are copyrighted either by the artist or by the owner of the work and should not be used in any way that violates International Copyright laws. All photographs are copyrighted by Jeannine Deubel (unless otherwise noted). Any use of these photographs in any electronic or print product, including other WWW pages, without the express permission of the photographer will be considered a violation of copyright.

Extant Sculptures

Bee Tree by George Rhoads
Byzantine Solution by Mattie Berhang
Drum Yard by Bill and Mary Buchen
Electricity by Cork Marcheschi
The Embrace by Gina Gilmour
Good Time Clock by George Rhoades
The Helicopter by Steve Gerberich
Kettle Head Choir by Steve Gerberich
Lunatics by George Rhoads
Millennium Fountain by Joy Wulke
Moon Bells by Barry Miller
Moonstone--Rosetta Series by Clyde Lynds
Moving Rock No. 21 by Rikuro Okamoto
Out Of The Fire Into The Frying Pan by John Billingham & Norman Colp
Pinto Pelt by Dustin Shuler
Plane Crystals by Clyde Lynds
Snake Dancers by Joy Wulke
Spindle by Dustin Shuler
Tree of Life by Milton Komisar
Urban Light and Time Field by Dale Eldred
Urban Towers by Steven Adam Simon
The Wheel to Live by Layne Redmond
Windamajig by George Rhoads

Destroyed or Discarded Sculptures

Albatross by Dustin Shuler
Big Bil-Bored by Nancy Rubins
Crosswalks by Maura Sheehan
Ever-Blooming Flowers by James Seawright
Mirror I by James Seawright
Perpetual Motion by Eric Stoller
Susan's Garden by Susan Hopmans
Tempus Fugit by Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel