by Dustin Shuler, 1989

The automobile, the computer, and the television are the three technological wonders of the Twentieth Century that have most profoundly influenced our culture.

Artist Dustin Shuler, with his finger on the pulse of the Twentieth Century, has chosen the automobile as the subject matter of his art.

Spindle lifts the auto out of its ordinary place, and by relocating it as we've never seen before causes us to look again -- to question its priority and importance in our daily living. Is it an object for veneration? If so, should it be?

Dustin Shuler was born in 1948 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and now lives and works in the Los Angeles area. He has auto works in the de Saisset Museum, Santa Clara, California; the Department of Motor Vehicles of the State of California in San Jose; and at the San Francisco Parking Authority in San Francisco, California.

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