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Sexy Lexy by romance author Kate MooreSexy Lexy by romance author Kate Moore

Muscles weren’t the only thing fitness guru Lexy Clark stretched. In fleeing to Drake’s Point, California, and buying an inn, she strained the truth. Her bestseller—Workout Sex, A Girl’s Guide to Home Fitness—had been written for active women with busy lives. Its publicity campaign had led to Lexy’s days being filled with men who wanted her to spend her fifteen minutes of fame in compromising positions. Changing her name and moving to a remote little town seemed the best escape.

Until she met Sam Worth. Lexy couldn’t imagine a better partner for “home fitness”—and maybe more. Just thinking about him raised her resting heart rate. But Sam was too smart to buy Lexy’s innkeeper disguise for long, and too familiar with fame’s downside to become involved with a celebrity. She was willing to let him uncover everything about her—except the truth. For when fame caught up with her, would Sam still want… Sexy Lexy

“ . . . a lightning-paced, light-hearted romp and . . . thoughtful exploration of sexuality and respectability. The book is filled with quietly crafted vignettes showing Lexy and her lover, Sam, . . . in cautious, tense, and yearning moments of grappling with their desires for sexual and emotional connection.”
—Contra Costa Times

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