A Typical Banchory Puppy

In the now-defunct New Sheltie Special, Winter 1978, Donna Harden (Banchory) wrote an illustrated article on the typical development of Banchory-bred puppies. Since most people these days do not have access to these older magazines, I've reproduced some of the photos and text below:


Harden describes bi-blue "Ingrid" as a "typical puppy from the Blue/Tri Banchory line."

With regard to the photo at left, showing Ingrid at eight weeks, Harden writes, "Note the large, mature, 'Collie-like' skull with full, round muzzle, deep underjaw, and plenty of fill beneath the eyes."

This photo of "Ingrid," also taken at eight weeks, shows, in Harden's words, "good topline, length of skull, roundess and chunkiness of body, rear angulation and bone structure."

At eight months, Ingrid is more moderate than I would have predicted from looking at her "baby pictures."

About this photo Harden writes, "...Ingrid has reached her full height. Her skull fits her body and is extremely smooth, refined, clean and lean. The muzzle fits the rest of the skull well, without holes, ridges, lumps and bumps. The arch of neck has become more evident, and the body has held its solid quality."

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