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I hiked up Tekoa Mountain with my mom this summer.  We took some pictures, and my mom made some web pages for them. Here are the pictures, and the story she wrote about our hike.  

My Cub Scout troop had a softball game at the park.  Those pictures are here.

In March 2000, over St. Patrick's Day weekend, I went to the circus in New York City!!  Yep!!  The BIG one!!!  We stayed a couple days with my friend who lives in Brooklyn.  Here are the pictures!

I made my First Communion on May 13, 2000. Very cool! My mom finally has the picture back and scanned it.  Here it is! I want to get training to be an altar server. Sometimes I think I'd like to be a deacon in my church. 

Hey, guess what?  I got my picture in the paper when I went to DARE Camp a couple summers ago!  Wanna see?


Hi!  Thanks for stopping by to visit! 

My name is Nathaniel!  I'm 11 years old, and I live in Massachusetts.  I live with my dog, Charlie, my cat, Kayla-kitty, my Mom's crazy kitten John-John, and my Mom.  My bedroom is real messy, and I like to draw all the time. I am in  6th grade.  I go to the Middle School. My favorite subjects are math, reading and science.

I like to play with my race track and cars, build things with K'nex, read books about dragons, build paper airplanes, and other Origami-type things, and watch cartoons.

I like to play Playstation games.  I really like role-playing games, like Wild Arms 2, and Final Fantasy VIII, and racing games, like Road Rash. 

I like all kinds of animals, and I like all kinds of music! My favorite bands are Creed, Rush, Jethro Tull, Backstreet Boys, and just about anything but rap.

I also really like to play basketball and am on a local team.  I am also in Cub Scouts, and it's a LOT of fun! I go roller-blading sometimes, and I like to swim, build things, and ride my bike.

When I grow up, I want to be a DAD, and maybe an astronomer, or an inventor, or an author, or an architect. But most of all I want to be a DAD, no matter what! ;-)

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