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CompanionAbility LLC

Obedience Training For Dogs and Their Human Companions

Certified -- Experienced -- Humane

CompanionAbility LLC provides dog training serving Chicago and the Suburbs. CompanionAbility LLC is dedicated to:

  • Developing well adjusted, well mannered dogs, within the home and in the community;
  • Developing a new appreciation for your dog and his/her life with human companions;
  • Developing responsible ownership;
  • Developing the training skills and confidence you need to help your dog become the canine companion you want;
  • Continuing education in advances in the fields of training and animal behavior;

CompanionAbility LLC offers outdoor group classes and private lessons, utilizing dog friendly training techniques, in fun and unique ways. CompanionAbility LLC offers an annual Canine Good Citizenship class with test. We also offer tracking.

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