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Camp Fernwood
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This is Macky, the director and our summer mother.
It was back in 1921 when Macky's parents founded Fernwood. Today, their pictures hang in the main lodge for all to see. Since 1921, the camp had grown to about 200 campers, and a staff of over 70 people.

My history with Fernwood started in 1987, as a camper, and continues today, as a counselor! As the song goes... "Your heart's at Fernwood to stay!!!!"

This is a picture (left) taken in 1987 in front of the main lodge on parents weekend. It is of me and my big sister, Leigh Eising.
Each new camper is paired with a Big Sister, an older camper, before the summer begins.
The Big Sister helps her Little Sister adjust to camp life.

The idea of the family is very immportant in Fernwood life. Kylie and I went to Fernwood together for one year,as campers. That was my senior year,
. For two summers I was a counselor while Kylie was still there, as a camper ...It turned out that I was her bunk counselor, my first summer. It was because of camp that she and I became closer. On the same line of family, there are many girls at Fernwood whose mothers, aunts, grandmothers and sisters have gone to Fernwood. The girls, who range in age from 8 to 15, come from all over the country and from other parts of the world.

Here are some of the activities offered at Camp Fernwood. At Fernwood, every girl has the opportunity to do whatever activities she would like to do.

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