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The RootsWeb Sims Email List is an active email list to which you can subscribe and read queries from other Sims researchers. To join, click on the computer image to the left. In the body of the message type SUB SIMS You should get more subscription information from there. If you're familiar with Listserv's, this one is different. Responses go only to the originating email address and not to the group, so it's not a true listserv. It may prove to be disappointing because mail can be infrequent and queries may go unanswered. If you are a Sims researcher, you should sign up for this list in any event. Click on the image to the left to subscribe to the List. Note: Make sure you include name, date and place and you're more likely to get a response.

You can now search the RootsWeb Sims Email List!! See below.


RootsWeb Mailing Lists -- Interactive Search

This is an interface to the archives for most of the RootsWeb mailing lists through the end of November, 1997. A few lists are missing, either because they did not want to participate, or because of a temporary shortage of disk space. We hope to have the lists for which there was no room available here in the next two or days, so check back soon.

In the form below, enter the name of the mailing list whose archives you want to search. If those archives are available, you will then be given a form in which to enter the surname (or whatever) that you are looking for

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The RootsWeb home page.

The SIMS Genealogy Forum

Sims Genealogy Forum

The Sims Genealogy Forum
is a website in which you may place a query....and receive feedback. All queries and associated messages are stored and archived. Worth a visit.

My Simms Page

And...My Webified Simms Genealogy Page

My very own Simms Family. Simms Genealogy Page

Simms Gedcom Project

The Sims, et al. GEDCOM Project

The GEDCOM Project for researchers of Sims-related names is an idea that came to me as I searched the Internet for genealogy help. I thought it would be useful to have a centralized source of Sims et al. information.

The Sims et al. GEDCOM Project

My Favorite Genealogy Web Site

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet