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Our label and logo says it all ......the ultimate in Urban Beekeeping ....and a proud member of the Middlesex Beekeepers Association 

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See Clips of Bees in Real Time!! Yup-Bee Movies will be updated whenever the Bees inspire me with Activity:

QuickTime Bee Movies

Swarm May 2006 Photos:

Leaving, Moving On, Bye Bye, Decision Time, In the Tree, R.I.P.


Click on a title to see a glimpse into the World of Bees:

2008 Useful Dead Hive Useful1 Useful2 Bee Birth Up Close and Personal Natural Comb Building Storing Pollen and Nectar Brood and Food Window Cross Section Excluder Added Making Honey Cam Hive in Fall Worth it All Lip Balm Too



Brief History of Hive Evolution

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The Joys of Urban Beekeeping

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