Welcome to Mark's Web


I use these pages to experiment with the web, maintain an online presence and just play around, so various parts of them may not work, may seem pointless, and may change from time to time.

OTOH, I also reserve the right to ignore this page, and if I'm really busy, it might just be a cobweb page. In fact, from 1996 until early 2000, I didn't even change anything. Now I'm finally updating it.

Why this web?

Well, first the web inspires narcissism. So of course I had to put up a page about who I am, considering how many other web pages I work on. But more importantly, over the past five years I have a growing need to maintain a record of what I've done with the net, and where its gotten me. If you're here, you're probably trying to find out who I am, or you're a Headhunter searching for resumes. :)

Oh, there's no information here about my cats. That's because I don't have any. In fact, I kinda hate cats, unless they are really respectful and cut out that "Fuck you, I am a cat" attitude. But once they get past that, I guess I don't mind 'em, as long as they've been declawed. :)

Naked Märklin

A couple of notes about the Naked Märklin link above: First, its about Toy Trains , there are no pictures of naked women there (or of me!). Second, it was built and published as a complete web of its own, so there is no link back to this page from there. You'll have to use your back button to get back here from it. Finally, its not finished yet, hopefully I'll get some more time to photograph the pieces with my good friend Frank The Animal.

Am I your Mark Edwards?

Over the years I've gotten many emails from people who think I might be the Mark Edwards they met somewhere. Before I go any further, let me say that I deny everything, and want my lawyer. :) In any case, my name is so common that you should please check before you contact me. For example, I'm not a Drill Sergent from the Marines, and I don't know anyone named "Jo". Here's a list of web pages for the Mark Edwards' I'm not:

  • the Offbeatnicks -- Mark! That's not me, first I would never wear a Green Suit, second I'm a Dirty Blonde, and third I'm fatter than this guy. :) But I do like his Fender Jazz bass, even though he should have gotten a maple neck.
  • Mark Edwards Home Page. That's not me either, I don't live in Canada and I don't make Women's Apparel. And I would never register a common name as a domain. I mean, have you been to johndoe.com?.
  • Mark Edwards in the UK. Seems like he's a nice guy, and I hope he made it to Australia with his family, but his pages seem to be graphic heavy and information light. Who are you dude?
  • Who is This Mark?. I dont' get it -- the script artwork is nice, but there's no content, and the links lead me to all these people who are not Mark Edwards.
  • Mark Edwards' Digital Photography Now, this guy has got it going on! Check out his pictures, he's a much better photograhper than I am. ;)


I am not a Graphic Artist so don't blame me if you think the art work is terrible. However, its all original including the photos, except for the basic design, which was done by my good friend Raffi Kazanjian. He's not very happy with it, but I like it, and most of my friends do too. Oh, thanks to the University College Cork in Dublin for their list of Internet Acronyms. Stuff like this keeps the net cool!

Questions or comments? Send mail to mrex@interport.net.
Last modified on Thursday, March 22, 2001.