Common Shapes

Simply drawing an object doesn't always work. For example, once you start trying to draw circular objects, you'll find that very quickly it becomes harder and harder to tell a melon from a planet. Go ahead; start drawing these, and see how long before you start forgetting which squiggly line is a river and which is a worm.


bar, bat, cigarette, club, cork, cup, cylinder, drinking glass, duct, peg, plug, pole, post, rod, silo, sleeve, spool, tank, tower, cylinder, peg, sleeve, spool, throat, tube, tunnel


belt, cord, creek, line, oscillate, river, rope, shoelace, snake, squirm, string, tape, wave, wiggle, worm, yarn


bean, clod, clump, cocoon, cucumber, egg, kidney, lens, loaf, lump, maggot, mouth, nut, oval, pebble, pickle, potato, raisin, rice, rock, seed, stone, tumor, watermelon


apricot, ball, bulb, button, cantaloupe, circle, cocoanut, coin, crater, dish, disk, Earth, full moon, hole, hoop, marble, melon, orange, orifice, pea, pearl, plate, record, ring, round, sphere, sun, wad, zero.


bagel, cell, dish, donut, egg, loop, nut (w/bolt), ring, target, tire, wreath.


acre, area, blanket, box, card, cube, enclosure, floor, handkerchief, lot, mat, mattress, mirror, napkin, pad, page, picture, plot (of land), rectangle, room, rug, sail, screen, sheet, square, wall.


banana, boat, horn, Islam, moon, sausage, smile, tusk.

Luckily, generations of graphic designers have come up with conventional tricks for depicting similar objects. For example, here are some circular objects:

ball coin Earth moon record sun zero

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