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I have created these pages for reasons I don't fully understand. Every few days I wake up feeling compelled to put some strange observation or image into an HTML doc, and link it into this increasingly disjointed assemblage. The joy of it for me is that I can create all this stuff, have fun doing it, and I don't have to trip over it, or stuff it in the closet, where all the other art-thangs go. Virtuality is so compact, the Zen monk in me loves it.

Just to orient the hapless viewer, I am a painter, till now working mostly in acrylic on canvas. For the past ten years I have been employed in the computer industry, designing database software for the financial world (the digital equivalent of shoveling shit into the wind), and have only recently been using the computer as a visual art medium.

Now I am having fun with my latest toy, an Espon 1000C flatbed scanner. There is something so dogmatic about the term 'flatbed' that I immediately want to scan something round. Any object that holds still long enough is fair game. Check out my ongoing attempt to scan my entire apartment.

I'm very interested in images and symbols, and the ways humans use them to convey unconscious messages. The Distorted Barbie is about images, and images of images, and the impact they can have on us. We are constantly surrounded by images. Many of them carry very powerful messages, yet very little conscious attention is paid to these messages.

When not working on the web, I curate an occasional show in Soho, NYC. My current interest is art that creates a playful environment that viewers can interact with.

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