Negative Space  (a series) 

   Part 10: Fish, Twinkie Wrapper, Sonogram

   Another installment in the 
   quest to scan my entire apartment

   This is a slight detour in my usual apartment scanning antics.  
   Click "Twinkie the Kid" above to read "Latex", a hypertext essay 
   I wrote after learning that my girlfriend was pregnant.  
   The images I used are all taken from scanned objects found in my 
   apartment, so I thought I'd include it here.

   Fish supplied by L.I. Fish Market, corner of Avenue B and 14th St. NYC
   Hostess Twinkies wrapper, Continental Baking Company, St. Louis, MO.
   Sonogram created at Downtown Women OB/GYN Associates, Broadway, NYC
   "Pregnant / Not Pregnant" taken from a home pregnancy test 

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