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Starting in the late 1980s, when movie theaters began printing your movie title and showtime on your ticket, I kept my ticket stubs in an old matchbox. This diary chronicles every* movie I have seen in a movie theater since 1987. To create this online diary, I entered the stubs into a spreadsheet. Then I scoured my memory. Sometimes it's hard to remember when I've seen a movie on the big screen, or just on home video. As a result, some movies I'm sure I saw in a theater but have no stub, I've listed the month the movie premiered. Also, I have seen many movies at the Brattle Theater in Cambridge, which still uses old-fashioned tickets. As a result, many screenings I attended at the Brattle have slipped through the cracks. Unless I was fastidiously annotated the stub in my diary, there's no easy way to find out when I saw The Shining, for example. Enjoy my diary!
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